Anonymous: I honestly don't understand why you get so much attention. Your art isn't even that good. I don't see it. I just don't. :P

Idk either tbh but I hope I can get better eventually with enough practice.U_U I cringe internally whenever I look at my digital art, but I can at least say with confidence that my traditional art is much better. 
I don’t actually have that many followers but it’s probably just people that commission me at conventions (my stuff is rlly cheap) and then decide to follow me? who knows
if you do have some constructive criticism though, I’d like to hear it(or read it? lol)

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Thanks to everyone who came to visit us at Supercon this year! Since Emily is leaving to kansas city for college I don’t know if we’ll be teaming up again for a while BUT we will surely table again! We had lots of fun! (Later I’ll post some stuff we got and some really kakkoi cosplayers ; ) )
Also thank you to everyone who decided to follow us @_@ I will warn you though, all I do is post mostly poorly done One Piece fanart at one in the morning and cry about luffy a lot.

(in case you’re wondering, we switched up our poses because we thought it was the greatest joke ever ok)
Photo cred to this booty

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Wow I can’t even-
I can’t do anything digitally related idek why I tried
everything looks so nasty and blendy but MEH no time to re-do it

but oh well. Have a Dramatical Selfie party!
(for once it’s not one in the morning but im still brain dead… I think that’s just my natural state)

Well, I’ll be chilling out with Emily at Supercon at the Artist Alley tomorrow, so see you there! 

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wow really sorry for posting so many things in one day but HERE COMES SELF-ADVERTISING

carol  and I will be selling these and other buttons at supercon!!! pass  by table S5 if you get the chance, please thank

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EY peeps I’m not dead I’ve just been doing ap exams and now that that’s done I’ve been working on commissions and stuff with my rival-san DEMO idk 
This one was hella fun hehe

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Anonymous: I really do, a lot of your post and art has gotten me through hard times and made me laugh when I thought I couldn't. You're an amazing person

excuse u omg all I do is post things at one in the morning and question my sanity maybe u got the wrong bloge kid. you should get off anon so i can smother u with hugs though ehe

Anonymous: I like you

E-excuse you? 

Celebrating the husband’s birthday~
My parents participated
Although I think my mom just wanted cake
We all wore party hats ((O__O))
Aaand my friends at school made me some cookies! 
am I officially kicked out of the fandom now

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Anonymous: I saw your frozen stickers and I was wondering. I want to make my own stickers that are preferably laminated and I was wondering how you made them. What machine did you use and how much did it cost?

Hi! I drew them out on Sai first, then I bought sticker paper at Staples, (15 dollars for 30 sheets) and then I asked them to print the stickers (300 resolution) out on that paper. I can only fit in three sets on one sheet. (printing also costs money, about a dollar a sheet maybe? Or less?) To laminate them, I bought one of those clear packaging tape,(5-6 dollars) and I have to individually cut out each sticker, and THEN put the tape on there and cut it again. (This takes time and is a rather painstaking process, so you need to be very patient if you want to laminate your stickers this way). So YEAH idk that’s how I make my stickers ^^
Thanks for the ask!