Anonymous: Whos your favorite and least favorite strawhat or one piece charcater in general?

Uwa thanks for sending me an ask anon >3<
Hm… I guess I don’t like Arlong, Blackbeard, that one tenryuubito, Spandam, aand that creeper guy that was after Shirahoshi? I don’t dislike many characters ; _;

As for my favorite?? uh..I don’t…really… have one…. the rest of my room is not that bad i promise 
(art on the wall by dontcoughinmytrough, luffys-rubber-dick, and rikugoesrawr)

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After yesterday’s failure I decided to stay away from washes for a while, but I’m going to try again U_U
Basil Hawkins for day 3!! 

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Second day of Inktober wooo!
Thanks to my English and Math homeworks eating up my weekend, I only had a little bit of time to draw…aand it’s one in the morning again ><
I kinda don’t like how this one came out but I still got to draw Caesar right? ;_;

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I didn’t know Inktober was a thing but now I do and I just want to draw Sugar every day ; _ ;

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I made some 5 Nights at Freddy’s stickers for a con +o+
It’s about to be 12 am!
so spoopy @_@

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I just realized that it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded anything (thanks college) so I’m dumping a few of my doodles. 

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Anonymous: Hi just wanted to let you know that you're art is AWESOME and that other anon that sent you hate is extremely rude. It's really awesome that you don't let people like that bring you down because you handled that situation the best way possible. Keep working and keep improving lovely!!

anon I luv u >3<
I know I still have a lot to improve anyway so it doesn’t bother me too much.
Thanks for your uber kind words! I’ll gambatteee

EDIT: had to re-upload because I didn’t realize the image sizes were too big
Just posting an update about all the commissions I’ve finished. Most of these are already on their way so please don’t invade my house with pitchforks. ^^; 
I’ve left the more complicated ones for the end so if you don’t see your drawing on here I haven’t forgotten you, I’m just working on it.
Thanks to everyone for your patience! >3<

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Anonymous: I honestly don't understand why you get so much attention. Your art isn't even that good. I don't see it. I just don't. :P

Idk either tbh but I hope I can get better eventually with enough practice.U_U I cringe internally whenever I look at my digital art, but I can at least say with confidence that my traditional art is much better. 
I don’t actually have that many followers but it’s probably just people that commission me at conventions (my stuff is rlly cheap) and then decide to follow me? who knows
if you do have some constructive criticism though, I’d like to hear it(or read it? lol)

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